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True Blood: Why I think there’s always been hope for Eric and Sookie!

I think Eric and Sookie will be together at the end of True Blood and I’m tired of all these people saying they want it, but they KNOW it will be Bill and Sookie in the end. All they are doing is protecting themselves from drawing hope from legitimate clues the story gives us. Maybe it’s because watching week-to-week over six years, they feel like they’ve been let down in the Sookie/Eric department. But people – watch it all again! Even the seasons you thought sucked. Binge on it looking for the Eric/Sookie story. Even in the Warlow season where people felt it was abandoned, it was there.

People use quotes from the actors and production to prove their pessimism. Alexander Skarsgard said Eric won’t rekindle anything with Sookie when he returns…he realizes he’s not the best man for her. Ummm – ok. Didn’t that just happen in the fourth episode? There was nothing definitive in what he said for the future episodes after he returns. Stephen Moyer said he really didn’t see a way for Sookie and Bill to be together – that it wouldn’t be right after all that’s happened. Everyone freaked out about the “love interest” cast for Eric…she’s gone. The spoilers from producers have all been short term teases…look at Alcides death – they pretty much said they were setting up a triangle for her, Bill and Alcide…yep they did and it was over episode 3.

Why would a show that has never given spoilers all of a sudden start handing out all the goods? It seems to me that all the information given about season seven has been true in the slimmest sense. True enough that it wasn’t a lie, but definitely not indicative of what will happen overall.

It seems to me the fact that they started with the whole Sookie and Bill reconnecting story is good for her and Eric. It’s way too early in a ten episode season for them to tell us the ending! And the first three episodes told us Sookie would get back with Bill. But the fourth showed us what we’d been missing. We couldn’t realize what Bill and Sookie don’t have with out revisiting what she and Eric do!

When you watch the seasons in order over the course of a few weeks you realize there is a solid Sookie/Eric friendship – love story present and it makes much more sense as an endgame than Sookie/Bill.

One of my favorite moments is at Terry’s funeral (Another episode fans didn’t like but that spoke volumes about where the show was heading and what it was all about.) where Sookie tells Arlene “He loved you since the second you walked into his life and not too many people can say they were loved like that.” Think about that! Only one person has loved Sookie like that and it’s Eric.

The symbolism of his believing she’d be back and giving her the house as her gift of freedom, the sympathy he showed over Alcide’s death, the fact that he had to separate himself from her when she said she wouldn’t choose him. It’s all real. When Sookie tells the hep-v vampires “I’m his”, it’s the truth.

These people saying that was all we’ll see of Eric and Sookie because Alex left the set early are crazy. You don’t have to film in order. In fact when you’re trying to keep a story under rap it’s better if you don’t. I think we will see more of Eric and Sookie – she’s going to want to cure him. I think we have a real shot at the cheesy cartoon ending where they end up together somehow, but even if we don’t get that I think we’ll get something that shows their relationship was more than in the viewer’s minds.

Whether it’s the most obvious and easiest ending where Sookie’s fairy blood could cure hep-v or Sookie uses that “ball of all she is” to heal Eric and not be a fairy anymore, I’d be happy. (It seems fitting for Sookie to end up human and helps Sam raise his baby although not romantically.) The coolest would be that Sookie chooses to become a vampire so she can have magic blood like Warlow and can cure Eric and let her blood be used by the corporation to be distributed in the True Blood, but however it ends I’m tired of all this doom and gloom. A lot of these facts and feelings that people spout about there being no future for Eric and Sookie are distorted from years of talking too much about it and not wanting to be disappointed.

Just like in real life, if you’re going to find true love you have to risk the pain of things not working out. Well, in order to really enjoy season seven of True Blood as an Eric and Sookie shipper you have to risk the hope!

Ps. For people who think most of my examples were pre-new regime, I think this TV Guide interview gives hope when read through the lens of this season…http://www.tvguide.com/news/true-blood-season7-spoilers-1069409.aspx