Ashley’s True Love – Viewer vs. Production – Who Knows the Truth?

The thing about the Bachelorette is that from this point on, it’s a game between viewers and producers for us to either figure out or them to hide who Ashley chooses. I have to admit that if I were a new viewer, I would be confused and enticed after last night’s hometown date edit. It seemed that Ashley was interested in and had four “amazing” guys. There were no crazy relatives with stuffed animals in the basement, or huge behavior errors from anyone. Each person involved seemed sincere and willing to take a chance in love. However, despite the sincerity with which the game was played, there can be no doubt that in the end JP will take home the final rose.

The night started out with Constantine who, I admit, has slowly grown on me. Had this been a real life timeline they may have had a chance, but it’s not and Constantine is just too level-headed to fall in love on television. Still, Constantine’s family was straight out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Ashley “fell in love” with them. If we were to only listen to everything that Ashley had to say this season we would have a jumbled mess that didn’t give us a clue. But this is a show we can see what’s happening and as much as she loved his family – the chemistry just didn’t compare to what she has with Ben or JP.

But it could easily top what she had with Ames. Personally, I think Ames is a sweet and intelligent man who will make some woman very happy. That woman isn’t Ashley and we all knew it from the moment she hemmed and hawed to his sister about her feelings. Ames comes from an awesome family no doubt, but I think I would always be worried about not being smart enough with them. His sister was one of the most impressive and well spoken women I have seen on reality television EVER. How sweet was the picnic under the magnolia tree and the explanation of Italian renaissance love? But Ashley isn’t quite as nerdy as Ames, no matter how much they think they’re alike and we all knew Ames would be saying goodbye. If we didn’t know it before that awkward kiss, there was no doubt after.

The final two dates with Ben and JP were both edited to make us believe either could be the fiancé of choice. Ben’s date was sweet and filled with meaningful glances. Ashley loved his family and we saw Ben truly open up to his mother about his feelings. Ben is definitely in it to win it, and there are many fans who believe he will be the one. Still, if you watch the goodbyes, there’s no doubt that he’s staunchly planted in second place.

The producers tried to pull one over on us by editing comments to make us question whether JP is actually in love with Ashley yet. They have shown us a few times already that Ben has crossed into love territory. But if you watch Ashley and JP’s date you see that she was always trying to kiss him and touch him, and he ADMITTED to his brother he wants her to pick him now. The Ashley/JP date was clearly the hands down winner, from skating to REO Speedwagon, to laughing at his Bar Mitzvah mullet, to watching her win over his beautiful mother, no question why they saved it for last.

Everything we see between Ashley and JP tells us they’re engaged. Every edit that’s made by the producers causes us to question whether what we’re seeing is reality. Despite the previews that make it seem like she and JP have rough waters ahead we can be fairly certain that he’s the man for her.

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