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Emily’s Men: Bachelorette Pre-season Chit Chat

Well Ladies (and any male readers who may be following this season because…duh…it’s Emily), the men for the new season have been revealed and, I have to say, from the horrendous photos ABC deems fit for the website, I’m not impressed yet.  There seems to be an interesting array of professions, ages, and types and the producers have stayed true to form with their little twist that always makes sane viewers call bad form.  But what I really want to know is: Where are the hotties?  If you open another browser window to ABC.com, you can scroll the pics while you read…I almost follow the order.

My main reason for thinking this season would have potential was that there should have been beautiful men begging for a chance to date Emily.  Instead, we get: a 25 year- old mushroom farmer (just doesn’t seem up Emily’s alley does it?), a Canadian (We know she’s never gonna be able to take little Ricki that far away from her daddy’s family), and a grain merchant from Brazil (who does have hotness potential). Those are the first three guys we see on the site and they don’t seem to bode well for real life love.

The fourth guy we meet is a cutie named Arie, but guess what? He’s also from another country and a race car driver to boot! Did Emily ask to date foreigners? We KNOW she didn’t ask for a race car driver.  That’s the producer’s little way of tweaking the drama.  Let’s put a handsome man in the group who just happens to be of the same profession as her one true love that died in a fiery plane crash. Seems cruel, but she may like the type, so he could have a chance.  Especially when you check out some of the next few guys in the mix.

The 41 year-old technology salesman from Texas may be nice, but if ABC wanted to portray him as anything but a huge nerd they should have had a better stylist on set.  29 year-old fitness model Jackson from Chicago seems to be a triplet this season.  If you’re looking through the pics, try telling the difference between him, Chris, and Aaron. Real estate agent Doug even bears the three a resemblance, but he seems like his resume might give him and edge…only viewing will tell.

Jean-Paul gives the worst answer of the group when he says he’d like “pacifier powers” to keep the peace and get people to chill out.  Seriously dude, if you want a chick like Emily to sit up and take notice I’m not sure that’s the kind of power you should be trying to harness.  David, the required singer/songwriter for this show is actually cute and from Virginia (Close enough for a real chance), but come on – you know he’s only been cast so he can sing her cheesy love songs.  Another man I think might stand a chance would be 32 year-old Charlie from Massachusetts.  A northern accent can be sweeter than honey to a southern girl in the right circumstances.  Could be he’ll stick around.

My personal fave from pictures alone is John, the data destruction specialist from St. Louis, but then again I always did like my smarty pants St. Louis boys in college. Jef (with one f) the 27 year-old from Utah gets the pretty eyes vote, but who knows how he’ll translate on screen…bad pictures make him look like a nerd, but he’s an entrepreneur so he could have charisma. Kalon might also be cute, but what the heck is a “luxury brand consultant”?

Nate the accountant from Arizona looks  dreamy, for an accountant I guess. Michael the rehab consultant looks like he’s probably sweet and sensitive.  He’s handsome, but he also unfortunately looks like he’s twelve.  Randy from Wisconsin is a no go, unless someone else picked out his clothes – in which case he should get another chance at a photo. Kyle the financial planner from Long Beach also looks too much like the a few other guys in the mix and Lerone the real estate consultant is pretty average in the looks department as well.  Both men had extremely bland and predictable Q and A’s under their photos.

Travis the ad sales rep looks good in a manly way Emily might dig after choosing Brad, and if Tony weren’t a lumber trader from Oregon, I’d have given him my prettiest of the pack pick – but she’s not moving to Oregon no matter HOW pretty he may be. Stevie the party MC and Ryan the pro sports trainer have that too perfect, well-manicured look I hate in a man, and Sean, the 28 year-old insurance agent from Dallas is adorable, but their babies would be albino!

So who then would I pick for Emily? Going on looks in really bad photos alone, I’d list my top five as:

Nate, Tony, Sean, John, and Arie

I HAVE NOT  read any spoilers so if you choose to comment, keep it spoiler free! We’ll see what happens when we put some personalities with these faces! The count down is on!

The Case for Ryan…

One of the hardest moments to watch in Monday night’s Bachelorette episode was when it dawned on Ryan that Ashley was not going home to meet his family and was, in fact, sending him home. His eyes evoked a gut response similar to watching someone yell at a puppy. We understood why Ashley was sending him home, but it was obvious he didn’t. Despite his edit as someone who’s a little cheesy, who the guys can’t stand, and who Ashley never really gave a chance, a case can be made for bringing the man back next season. Ryan could possibly be only the second successfully married Bachelor in history if given the chance.

There’s no doubt that Ryan has the looks to make 25 girls fawn all over him. With the help of a stylist, he would easily make  top five  of the most handsome Bachelors in the franchise. He may smile all the time, but it’s a beautiful and sincere smile. He also has the personality. The fact that Ryan grated on the nerves of almost every man there doesn’t mean the same things as it did with characters like Vienna. When a group of women doesn’t like another woman in the house it’s usually for good reasons and the Bachelor just takes longer to see it. But these guys didn’t like Ryan for what? Because he was happy? Ryan has a little too much of a feminine side in him to be the “Guys guy”.

But you know, Jason Mesnick had a tender side.  So did Andrew Firestone. Had Jen Schefft had been psychologically able to stay in California, far from her family, Andrew Firestone would have ended up being the first married Bachelor. The fact that he was ready and she wasn’t was evident in her season of the Bachelorette. Jason was amazingly ready to get married and look what happened. Had the show been able to convince Chris Lambton from Allie’s season to become the next Bachelor, he would have ended up married too. It was obvious in his demeanor and maturity that he knew where he wanted his life to go. Tada! He’s engaged to Peyton Wright from Bachelor Pad.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette needs a string of good relationships after the messes with Jake /Vienna and Brad/Emily.  I believe after watching this past episode that it’s possible Ashley may find love. The relationships she has with JP and Ben seem honest and sincerely romantic. Following up Ashley’s love story with Ryan would be a smart move.  He may not have all the audience’s love now, but he’d win us over…if the world can handle the cheese of Andy Baldwin they can handle the genuinely positive outlook of Ryan.


Things I loved this episode and other insights:

  • Emily definitely has botoxed her forehead.
  •  Ben reminds me of Kermit the Frog but I like that he is “falling in love” with her.
  • Loved watching JP get jealous but was happy he just whined about it and didn’t get angry with her.
  • JP knows her well. He was the one who hit the nail on the head with why she skipped the cocktail party. “I think it’s just a continuation of her date with Ryan.”
  • Ashley’s body language with Lucas in their “wedding” pics said it all. Looking at those pics he had to know he was going.
  • Constantine grew on me and I liked what he said to her about the fact that she sees in him what he wants others to see in him. I think that’s a big part of beginning a good love relationship.
  • Was anyone else thinking about Rapunzel with the whole lantern date? ABC? Disney? Shameless.
  • Was it a sign that JP got the only rose before the ceremony? When I watched last season I thought there was no way he was picking Emily because it was so obvious that she was the one he wanted…are they doing the same thing, or tricking us? Arrrgh!