Bones Season Finale…Reset?

In my mind Brennan and Booth have been a couple for the last six seasons.  I have never had doubts that what they each felt for each other outweighed their feelings for any other characters throughout the series.  Sully was the closest thing to a threat they ever faced. Hannah was an unbelievable blip on the radar.  To me their characters have always put each other first and sacrificed for one another in a way that only people who know real love can.

That is probably why, although I call myself a shipper, the “relationship” focus of the past two seasons has been distracting for me.  I never understood why we had to have all this will they or won’t they tension.  It took away from the cases that shined in seasons two and three.  I can count on my fingers the episodes from seasons four through six that took my breath away.  Those episodes like “The Passenger in the Oven”, “Fire and Ice”, “Mayhem on a Cross”, “The Plain in the Prodigy”, and “The Signs in the Silence” weren’t lacking relationship or character development.  Actually the relationship and character developments were so seamlessly integrated into the wonderfully thought out cases that I didn’t have to bring them into the realm of consciousness.

What Brennan’s pregnancy accomplishes is a reset that allows us to get back to what made Bones the amazing show I fell in love with.  They are now inextricably tied together forever.  Whether they live together, get romantic, fall into bed, raise their child in the same home or not…I never have to have that part of my brain whispering, “What are the writers going to do to keep them apart?  What if all of a sudden the writers decide to bring in someone else?”  None of that matters if they have a baby because the one thing we know about both characters is that they will be devoted and committed parents.  That bond alone makes their future rock solid.

Without the worry of whether or not they have a future together, I can now get back to focusing on the cases! Which I hope the writers can as well.  There has been a marked drop off when it comes to the complexity of the cases and the storytelling since season three and even though it kills me to admit it, the reason it’s so obvious to me is the quality of the case stories being told on Castle.  My loyalty and love lies with Bones, but there’s no denying the story structure, mystery, and intrigue isn’t what it used to be.

I want to be able to tell my friends to watch an episode without them coming to me and saying the case was boring.  To me, Bones pregnancy allows us to skip all the dating, relationship posturing, etc… that would undoubtably have taken time away from the real focus of the show while they “worked it all out”.  While a baby brings big things to work out, they won’t be the kind of things that distract viewers or make us debate whether or not to keep watching the show.

Bravo to Hart Hanson, Stephen Nathan, Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz etc…who made this decision that at first may piss off some shippers, but in the long run will keep us from ever having a disjointed, uneven season like six was , ever again.

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